IDM attribute mapping

Save Valuable Time

With hundreds of attributes available across applications, it’s nearly impossible for IT to administer these manually. IDHub streamlines the management of users, entitlements, and resources by mapping them to a central repository and monitor changes in applications, alerting IT of suspicious behavior, and automatically updating critical and risky attributes.

IDHub reduces the time it takes to map the application attributes of a user and an account in an application. IDHub’s browser-based tool saves thousands of hours by eliminating uncomprehensible configurations and development frameworks with minimal to no human intervention.

Collect Actionable Data

By centralizing all of your SaaS data into an easy to use the platform, IDHub gives you visibility to discover and remediate improper permissions. This helps minimize the risk of accidental exposure through access leaks and unaccounted access that are hard to locate in individual applications’ administrator consoles.

“Before IDHub, we did not have visibility into the applications that users were connecting to their company accounts.”
Managed Services

Secure Your Sensitive Data

Monitor application settings that can possibly leak sensitive information, such as group permissions, project access, and document sharing settings. IDHub improves your security posture by notifying IT teams when application permissions are changed, automatically reverting new and changed permissions, and saving a log of changes made to your environment.

Analyze User Data

Using advanced analytics adds intelligence to Identity Governance functions that drive higher data quality and optimizes access certification workload.

Enable manage-by-exception instead of a review of every single case, reducing the number of certification decisions.

Use analytics helps to identify and revoke unnecessary entitlements continuously, by limiting access to usage patterns.

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