User Lifecycle Management

Best practices and tools for IAM User account Lifecycle Management In Identity Management Environments.

IAM User Lifecycle Management

is more than just creating and removing accounts to applications. It also includes managing data objects and advanced settings including user profile, permissions, group management and more.

IDHub reduces the time IT spends onboarding, off boarding users, managing job role changes and ensuring every digital identity is accounted for by automating routine processes, while providing end users with a seamless experience.

SCIM Based Integration

IDHub uses SCIM protocol to integrate with target systems. Every application is connected over SCIM connectors. All provisioning actions are REST API calls to a SCIM bridge that is written in a language native to the target system.

Beyond Provisioning and Deprovisioning

IDHub can provision, make mid-lifecycle changes to, and deprovision accounts for users or listen for these activities from your existing HR system, such as WorkDay or Zenefits. When these activities occur, IDHub can trigger an automated sequence of actions to fully onboard, make changes to, or offboard a user, as well as set up their permissions, settings, and memberships, within apps.

Create Users
Assign Groups
Assign License
Enable Applications

New Hire Provisioning
Birthright Roles
Job Role Changes

Create Keys
Assign IAM Roles
Assign Resources

Collect New Spaces
Collect New Space Permissions
Assign Space Permissions
Assign Global Permissions

Collect Project Roles
Assign Project Roles
Assign Groups
Collect Direct and Indirect Roles


Create Accounts
Collect Groups
Assign Groups
Create Groups

IAM Profile Access

Get Up and Running Quickly

IDHub Templates simplify the process of creating connectors for most applications in SaaS and OnPrem environments. IDHub Connector SDK enables IT teams to quickly develop different types of integrations needed for a system without getting inundated by the nuances of a complex Identity Management System. IDHub Connector SDK includes a Connector Certification Kit that is used to test newly developed connectors.

A connector can be built by anyone with intermediate development skills. It can be developed in any language capable of REST APIs


“What used to take us months now takes days or hours.”

– IT Manager, Access Management Group, Fortune 50

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